Our Individual Appliance Warranty

Protect your home appliances with one of our appliance warranty plans.

Have you just purchased a new home appliance or have an unprotected appliance? Make sure it is protected to save money on potential repairs on a breakdown or accidental damage.

We spend thousands on different appliances from TV’s to fridges and could risk spending more money on a breakdown or even accidental damage.

Protect yourself and appliances with home appliance warranty.

Our home appliance protection plans offer breakdown & accidental damage protection from £5.99 a month.

Basic Individual Appliance Warranty Standard Individual Appliance Warranty Prime Individual Appliance Warranty
Accidental Damage
Limit Per Repair
Limit Per Year
Includes Small Appliances
Includes Home Electronics
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Select Plan
Select Plan
Select Plan
£7.99/month or £19.99/quarter
£9.49/month or £23.49/quarter
£14.49/month or £32.99/quarter