Basic Multi Appliance Warranty

Basic Multi Appliance Warranty For All Your Home Appliances

Our basic multi appliance warranty offers protection for all your home appliances for an incredible price of just £9.99 per month. This plan protects unlimited appliances against technical faults and breakdowns as well as accidental damage. Also, all your appliances will be covered up to £300 per approved repair, and up to £,1000 per year. We believe this is the best priced protection plan on the market. Don’t hesitate, get covered now!

Multi Domestic Appliance Warranty CoverBasic multi appliance warranty benefits

  • Protect unlimited appliances.
  • Breakdown and accidental damage protection.
  • Replacement appliance if we cannot fix yours.
  • Up to £300 per approved repair.
  • Up to £1,000 of approved repairs per year.
£9.99 per month
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Basic Multi Appliance Warranty
Accidental Damage
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Unlimited Appliances
Includes Small Appliances
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