How many items can I cover?

If you have purchased one of our multi appliance plans you can cover as many items as you like.


Can I cover kitchen appliances and household electricals together?

Yes, if you have purchased our Prime plan you can cover any combination of products from our range.


Do I have to take out the cover at the time my manufacturer’s warranty runs out?

No, the Plan will cover the specified items any time after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.


Does the plan cover accidental damage?



What if I need a repair?

You can claim by calling us on 0800 222 9995, or by writing to the Repairs Department, Domestic Warranty Shop, Hello House, Somerford Road, Christchurch, BH23 3PY.


If my appliance breaks down, will my appliance be repaired or replaced?

If we can repair your appliance, we will do. However, if it is not cost effective to do this, your appliance will be replaced within the plan limits. If a suitable replacement cannot be found within the plan limits we will pay a cash contribution in line with your appliance’s current value.


How long will my cover last?

The cover will last as long as you continue to pay your monthly, quarterly, or yearly installments. You can cancel cover at any point by cancelling your direct debit.


Any further questions?
For further information about what is covered under the Plan, or for answers to any specific questions you may have, please call now on 0800 222 9995.